A Mountain To Replace An Empire

from by A Solid Foundation



A vein feeds loneliness through
every of inch of me
And it runs deep
under the stone layer I call my skin, right down to
my cracked and dried out finger tips, that I'd be using to reach out but its desert as far as the eye can see
And lonelier
Than a tumbleweed.

But there's not a bone in my body that I'd trade to have you back. Not a bone in my body that I haven't cracked
when my joints start to ache while I dont even notice all the thoughts that used to drive me insane.

My head is a cavern filled with
Nothing but echoes.
Memories that are dead to me.
Those echoes should've
faded with time
But no
They just continue to deafen me

Red eyed and ready to call it a night. I am awake and I will be for a while.
Bracing myself for an onslaught of reasons to leave

No rooftop has ever seemed shelter enough to keep out the storms in my head
And every town that I've seen
Had mazes of streets
Designed to help me to leave.
I've never been brave enough to run away but I'm too much of a coward to stay.

So run away run away run away

There's no reason to be afraid
You'll be doing yourself a favor

I'm scared shitless
The world is daunting
I'm terrified of everything
But I can't take one more minute of
This place
I'm leaving without a note or a trace left behind.

It's not about the people who don't seem to have
a genuine bone beneath their skin
It's about the empires of towering thoughts that collapse and pile up on me
When I think about spending the rest
Of my life standing still feeling myself crumble and break just like them.

A mountain is strong
But An
An avalanche would destroy me
I'll take my chances
I'd rather be buried alive
Than erode and decay


from On Which To Build A Home, released March 4, 2016
featured vocalist: Christopher Eubanks



all rights reserved


A Solid Foundation Panama City, Florida

cycles were meant to be broken.

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